Pharmacoeconomics and Research

Pharmacoeconomics and Research Short course

Course Description

This course is accredited from Ashford university.

The Course consists of 5 working days (5 hours) to be conducted as per the agreed dates, includes 1 assignment, 1 Quiz and workshop.


Course Agenda
title Objective Content
Day 1 and Half day 2
Introduction to Pharmacoeconomics Understand the science of Pharmacoeconomicsand its role in HCS efficiency

Types of Pharmacoeconomicsstudies

Basics of Economics science (Micro and Macro Economics fundamentals)

Definition of health and how health can be evaluated

Types of HE studies

Cost minimization

Cost consequences

Cost utility

Cost effectiveness

Burden of disease and cost of illness

Half day 2 - Day 3
Basics of Research Understand basic types of research conducted in pharma market through out the product lifecycle and its use in improving healthcare system

Types of research: Intervention and Non Interventional

Pharmacoepidemiology study types

When to use each type of research through product life cycle

Sampling and study design

What is meant by significant data (Confidence level and Confidence Interval)

Why Outcome Research is growing all around the world

Launch plan for pharmaceutical products from research perspective

Assignment to design your own research study

Day 4
Literature Review and Appraisal The most important step in research is to be able to read, evaluate and critique it, and how to communicate evidence based science.

Definition of EBM (Evidence Based Medicine)

Types of literature and use of each

Literature strength based on type (systematic review Vs. expert opinion)

Scoring system of used literature in medical writing

Scheme of literature search over the web

Top 10 search engines of scientific search engine to find your desired EBM

Critical appraisal of medical papers

How to evaluate the finished medical paper

Day 5
HTA introduction (HB-HTA)

How healthcare systems apply the science of pharmacoeconomics

HB-HTA (hospital Based Health Technology Assessment) introduction
Introduce different types of HCS and discussion about the current situation in the country

How HTA and HB-HTA helped entities take efficient decisions based on value

Steps towards applying hospital based HTA

Workshop around a case study and how to begin the efficiency reforms

Each day will be divided into 3 sessions
title From To
Registration and introduction 09:00 AM 10:00 AM
Session 01 10:00 AM 11:45 AM
Coffee Break 11:45 AM 12:30 PM
Session 02 12:30 AM 02:00 PM
Coffee Break 02:00 PM 02:30 PM
Session 03 - Discussion 02:30 PM 04:00 PM
Closing 04:00 PM